Medical Dermatology

At Kingwood DermSpa, our medical team are leaders in dermatology.  As a team of professional dermatologists, we provide a full range of medically-proven services in preventative and overall dermatological healthcare.  With years of experience servicing the Atascocita, Humble, and Kingwood areas, we strive to educate our community and patients in improving the quality of health for their skin.  We use a wide range of preventative treatment options.  When medical attention is necessary, you can trust that our treatment options from laser therapy to cancerous lesion surgery are founded on the principles of sound technique and expertise.

More extensively, as a service to the patient, we treat:

Our treatment solutions cure common skin conditions.  We utilize the most advanced treatments for rosacea, broken blood vessels and facial redness, as well as hyperhidrosis—the condition of excessive sweat. Each of our treatments are founded on clinical science and perfected to maximize the improvement in your skin’s appearance.

Unsightly and embarrassing cysts can easily be removed using a minimal scar technique that greatly reduces the appearance of unattractive scars.

Our teams of laser specialists utilize the advanced and comprehensive laser techniques, such as treatments for acne scar removal.  We are often told we have the best dermatologists in Houston.  In many cases, the patient with acne scarring may consider a procedure that can eliminate most of the scarring without the need for surgery or any unpleasant, permanent side effects.

We are excelling in our expertise of Mohs micrographic surgery and the science of mole mapping in the treatment of acne, rosacea, and skin cancer.  We are often told we have the best dermatologists in Houston.  We treasure all of our customer testimonials, and put the customer service first and foremost.

We care about you and your health.  We develop a relationship with our patients and support positive health practices in prevention and limitation of invasive medical procedures.  Please contact us at or call 281-359-6000 with any questions you may have or schedule an appointment online for a consultation with Kingwood’s premier medical and cosmetic facility Kingwood DermSpa.  During your office consultation, you will be provided with a detailed plan of the treatments that will benefit you most.